Our largest Parabolic Trough is best suited for Large scale Industrial Applications and power production for captive and grid connectivity. It comes with a unique hybridization feature that encapsulates the best of PV with Thermal. It can comfortable reach temperatures upto 390°C and more. SPARK-H120 can be used for Power production for captive use, grid connected Power production, Sea water desalination, Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery Soap Manufacturing, Processing of plastic,ORC Power Generation, Industrial Process Heating, Heating and Refrigeration, Agricultural Application, Waste heat recycling, etc.

Suitable Industries:

  • Desalination
  • Process Heat related Industries
  • Solar EOR
  • Oil Industry
  • Power Production
  • Plastic Sector

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We present SPARK-Parabolic Troughs for varied applications. Constant Innovation is our motto. We firmly believe thatNo One-Size-Fits-All. Intense engineering and a passion for flexibility has driven us to cater to the varied needs of our customers. SPARK Parabolic Troughs come in 4 models that meet all your energy requirements. Increased output, easy assembly, low maintenance are just some of the features that you will enjoy no matter what model you chose.

Net Collecting Surface [m2] 115.2
Aperture Width[m] 9.6
Length [m] 12
Peak power¹ [kWt] 21.6
Reflective Surface Alanod ‐ MIRO‐SUN® with 95% reflectivity and a 10 year warrantee
Receiver Tube Schott Receiver Tube PTR 70
Heat Transfer Fluid Therminol VP‐1
Working Temperature Upto 390°C
Thermal Storage Option Sensible and Latent Options Available
Additional Attributes a) Fully Automated and computerized
b) Remote monitoring System with diagnostics
c) Automated stow position coordinator during unfavourable weather
d) Precautionary sensors and safety features
e) Real time updates on productivity and output