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Management Team


Mr. Ravi Kapoor

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Kapoor executes the role of a CEO with utmost dedication. His vision for SSP is pillared by all the employees who work here. He has lent his unique personality to improvise the work culture at SSP and is engaged in all the day to day activities. He firmly supports an open door policy and promotes team work. He synergises all the departments and gives everyone a platform to voice their opinions. He is hands on when it comes to planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of SSP. He maintains constant awareness of both the internal and external competitive landscape and closely studies market trends for opportunities in expansion.

Mr. Prem Raj

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Prem Raj is the guiding force behind SSP’s success. His endeavour to constantly improvise our technical offerings is evident to all. He closely works with the Research & Development team and personally supervises productions to ensure there is low downtime. His innovative ideologies have won him several aficionados and he coined the terminology ‘constant innovation’ which is apparent in our operations. He plays an active role in encouraging new talent and strongly believes in promoting erudition by keeping abreast with the latest in technology trends. A master of design and execution, he plays a pivotal role in realizing the vision of SSP.


Mr. Ashish Soni

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Ashish Soni is an experienced and efficient leader. He acts as a catalyst in the organization by ensuring productions and overall operations always meet their deadlines. He cements growth by ensuring the clients’ needs are always prioritized and runs a tight ship with productions. He overlooks compliance and process management as well. Increasing management and employee competency is always on his checklist. He keeps himself updated with new ways to develop shorter product life cycles and continuously evolving technology.

Mr. Samir Kapadia

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Samir Kapadia is exceptional when it comes to cutting costs, growing revenue and minimizing risks. His decision making skills and astute sense of financialplanning have always worked in favour of our company. He also acts as a strategist and helps shape overall strategy and direction by instilling a financial approach that is rational and pragmatic. He effectively communicates value and risk to the board of directors and shoulders responsibility by doing so. He is adept with matters of financial planning growth, analysis, treasury, tax and budgeting.


Mr. Pahlaj Badlani

Position: Vice President- HR & Administration

Pahlaj Badlani is a team player and is dexterous in his operations and executions. His pleasing personality makes him more approachable and his ability to hone talent is worthy of appreciation. He maintains operational excellence while creating, implementing and supervising policies and regulations that govern the company. He is details oriented and his good analytical skills help smoothen ruffles in day to day operations. He supports operations by assessing staff, methodically planning recruitment, coaching and guiding employees and implementing administrative systems.

Mrs. Namratha Raj

Position: Vice President-Marketing & Communications

Namratha Raj carries with her vast experience in the field of Business Development and creating new Marketing concepts. Her core strengths lie in visualizing exceptional marketing campaigns that are in sync with goals of SSP. She plays a key role in setting pricing strategies, balancing the company’s objectives and client satisfaction. She is proactive and is synergises her efforts into building brand value and corporate identity. She is incisive and judicious when it comes to facilitating interdepartmental communications and managing external communications.