Board Of Director

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Board Of Directors

Mr. Prem Raj

Position: Chairman & Managing Director

Prem Raj is a Mechanical Engineer by profession who graduated in the year 1978 and has vast experience in the field of Aluminium over the last thirty years. He has lent his expertise to various Global MNCs. He started his career in 1978 with the Alcan Group, Germany one of the biggest Aluminium Company. He was assigned to Alupco in Saudi Arabia in the year 1979. He initially joined Alupco as an Assistant Profile Die Executive and was then promoted to Aluminium Extrusion Machine Maintenance Manager and served in Alupco till 1984. He visited several countries during this period and lead a team to Egypt and Africa for erection of Aluminium Anodizing plants.

He returned to India in 1985 and started a partnership company called Salcorp in Bangalore which was engaged in colour anodizing and large scale anodizing. Tata BP Solar was launched in Bangalore during his engagement with Salcorp and he played a pivotal role in establishing of the same. Mr. Prem Raj designed various extrusion profiles for Parabolic Troughs. The interest in solar energy began in 1985 and since then he has been associated with solar in one way or the other. He designed, developed and supplied roof top heating panels and water heating panels to various solar water heating manufacturers like Gina Solar Co, Anu Solar Co, Shakti Solar Bangalore, GVK Solar and many others. He has also designed and supplied structural glazing products and facade materials to various companies across India. With years of experience in the field of aluminium and solar energy, he then decided to manufacture parabolas using aluminium reflective sheets. He spent years researching the most effective way to harness the power of the sun for power production and industrial processes and ascertained that Parabolic Troughs would be an ideal product in this regard. He spent extensive periods of time in the Middle East testing parabolic troughs and also lent his design expertise to a renowned Solar Thermal Company there. He is the first Indian to design and patent parabolic troughs. He then went onto patent another one of his innovations with regards to the tracking of the parabolic troughs. Constant innovation has always been one of his mottos. With this gumption, he closely studied the parabolic troughs made globally and he strived to create a parabolic trough that overcame the adverse issues faced by troughs today. His latest innovation ‘Solar thermal and photovoltaic integrated hybrid parabolic trough’ has effectively combined pv panels and parabolic troughs. His effort to carve a niche in the solar space was recognized and he was specially felicitated by the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce for his contribution. He has travelled vastly studying and researching ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of parabolic troughs. His expertise in the field of aluminium and extrusions has been a tremendous advantage. He has designed a unique ‘H’ frame that supports the parabolic trough and helps it maintain its curvature which is essential in ensuring higher productivity. He has created the first every fully automated robotic assembly unit for manufacturing of parabolic troughs in India. He has ensured that heat losses are mitigated in every design that he has incorporated in the parabolic trough assembly. His innovations continue and his endeavour to create a global phenomenon in solar energy products shall persist.

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Mr. Ashish Soni

Position: Director

Ashish Soni extends his rich experience amassed over the years of singlehandedly running a successful jewellery business. His quiet conviction and diplomatic mannerisms are some of the qualities that make him a person to reckon with. Heading the entire day to day operations is not an easy task, but Ashish Soni does so with utmost finesse. Methodical planning and futuristic insights make a frontrunner in SPP’s endeavour to make Solar thermal energy available for all. His valuable insights on imports and exports have greatly helped the company minimize costing and to be able to offer a financially feasible product to its customers. Having done business in India and abroad, he has closely studies working cultures in the west and has imbibed the best of both worlds. Managing inventory, daily machinery outputs, calibrating the various departments are just some of the tasks handled by him. His efforts to create a work environment that is seamless in its operations is commendable.

Mr. Ravi Kapoor

Position: Director

Ravi Kapoor is a seasoned businessman and has a long track record of 16+ years of experience. He is proficient in people management and marketing. His dynamic personality and acute sense of business make him a formidable team player. If there is anything one wants to know about the Solar thermal space, he is the man to approach. His reach is not just limited to India but globally too. He is very active in engaging himself in Solar events and building corporate relationships with solar companies. His commitment to making solar thermal energy affordable and viable is unparalleled. He has been a business head and merchandising manager in the textile & fashion industry and this experience has greatly helped him take SSP to new heights. He wears many hats in the company and lends his expertise in providing direction to the company in the divisions of budgeting, sales, advertising and customer service. His marketing strategies and branding tactics have enabled the company to reposition parabolic troughs as an energy generator for industrial applications and not just power production. It was under his guidance that the company developed various models of parabolic troughs that catered to a range of necessities.