There are numerous solar installations set up throughout the world to cater to the energy demands, but there is a need for advanced tracking systems for Photovoltaic Panels, Parabolic Troughs and Booster Mirrors so it can increase productivity.  Tracking of Booster Mirrors increases efficiency as they will move along the direction of the sun rays, thereby reflecting the functional rays to the PV surface and enable it to absorb maximum radiance. Tracking systems are considered to be expensive and heavy. But, our in-house tracking system is worthy and technologically advanced. An added feature is that it runs with minimum power. Tracking Systems make maximum utilization of the sun’s rays and are proven to generate more power than stationary installations. Tracking systems are beneficial as they minimize the angle of incidence between the sun rays and the Photovoltaic Panels or any reflective surface in general. Thus, there is more power generated inthe same installation.


– Operates with minimum power
– Maximizes productivity
– High accuracy tracking mechanism
– Easy maintenance features
– Made up of non-corrosive and anodized components