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Swathi Sunsource caters to energy requirement big or small. We believe in empowering companies with our technological advancements. We provide exceptional services in engineering, EPC and development of Parabolic Trough Installations as well as PV Plants. Swathi Sunsource encapsulates the best of all solar driven technologies. We have a range of Parabolic Troughs to suit various needs. We provide Photovoltaic set-ups for ground and rooftop installations. Our in-house developed innovative Single Principle Tracking System provides accuracy and exactitude with utmost precision. We believe our core strengths to be attention to detail, precision in manufacturing and use of superior components developed both by Swathi Sunsource and in collaboration with our national and international partners. We undertake projects for power production plants and for industrial application setups. All our installations receive remarkable O&M Services.

Solar Energy Solutions for your every need